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Electro PCC Series Starter Kit
Electro PCC Series Starter Kit
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 4.5)
Price: £39.99

The Electro Cigarettes Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit consists of:

  • Electro Cigarettes E Cigarette
  • Spare Battery for your Electronic Cigarette
  • Electro Portable Charging Case, charge whilst on the move!
  • Wall and USB Charger: Charge via the wall or your PC!
  • 5 cartomizers (equal to approx 5 packs of 20 "normal" cigarettes)
  • Cartomizers provided include: 1 Tobacco, 1 American Blend, 1 Cherry, 1 Menthol and 1 Coffee
  • Instruction Leaflet

Order your electronic cigarette today and say farewell no smoking signs forever.


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Wednesday, 18 July 2012
I bought this for my husband who had tried other electronic cigarette brands before but had not had success. He is now on his 12th pack of refills and loves it to bits! The packaging is impressive and he says the quality of the Electro electronic cigarette kit is the most cigarette like electronic cigarette he has ever tried.
Jayne Davies
Monday, 30 July 2012
The PCC has been fantastic, it's easy to use and robust. I was sceptical about ECigs but Im so glad I Invested in my health and brought these. I have been smoking for about 12 years now and average 60+ a week. I now have cut down to 10 fags at the weekend, the product has paid for its self in a matter of weeks. I would give the product an easy 5 stars, but the site lets it down. I wish the accessories where available and more refill flavours and strengths to choose from.

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